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My name is Max Schultz and I am the owner and creative director of  - M4XIMUS Productions - 

Photographer - Film - Editor - Media Content Producer.

My creative goal is to get to know each client and their specific needs and providing quality, on time deliverables. I've always felt that being dyslexic was a gift because it wired my brain to view the world as a creative canvas with no boundaries. Humor, intensity, passion, beauty, vulnerability, and intimacy are captured in my work. 

I provide content for Entertainment, Set Photography, Live Events, Tours, Lifestyle, Branding, Merch and whatever your needs may be.

I also have a film background with experience on sets as a camera assistant & shooting stills & B-roll for films, music videos, and live events.


I am always adjusting with the changing dynamics of the industry 

and I have a diverse portfolio that shows my artistic flexibility.

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